Smart Home Solutions

Smart home automation solutions provide awesome experience to the users and helps them manage their home with just one click from their own mobile device from any location. Solutions we provide could range from controlling lights, garage doors, Air Conditioning, Thermostats, Roller Shutters, Security and fully controlled applications, sensors, door locks and any other gadgets you might think!

With a secured smart lighting system gain full control of your home lighting with just a mobile application. Voice control is also supported for the users who wish to have both options. You may choose to have single, double and triple switches.

Lock your building security with a 24/7 outdoor motion camera detection. This supports night vision, real time motion, multiple views through cloud storage. And it is weatherproof! You may choose the option to have a voice control as well.

Gain full control of your water heater at home any time. Select to set your timer to your water heater. You can control your smart water heater though your mobile application but also though voice control.

Activate your Smart Garage Door with your mobile application. You can also have a voice control.

Gain full control of your Smart Window Shutters which can be controlled both with voice and mobile application. It is a high quality ABS fireproof base which ensures durability. You may set it to On-Off and control the start, pause and end points.

Gain full control of your Air Condition both through voice and mobile application. You can connect it to the window a/c units. In this way you may set the window shutters on/off while Air Condition is working. Smart Air Condition also supports full control of timer and climate control.

Connect all your home devices to the WiFi. Gain full control of your home devices both with voice and mobile application. Start communication with your home in real time!

Choose to create atmosphere with LED WiFi Bulbs in RGBCW Color Changing.