Why Go Smart?

The idea of going Smart is mostly relied on innovative ideas and solutions for Homes, Public Places and Businesses. Software developed by trustful companies in Europe but also worldwide, are developing the Hardware needed for your solution. We are bringing those solutions to develop the future with our highly secured systems.

Energy Consumption

Get information about the current power, current voltage, accumulate energy consumption and temperature of your smart devices. Gain full control of thermostats, check Eco temperature, comfort temperature and battery level of any smart device.

Smart Devices

Gain control of your Socket, Insight, Light-switch, Motion, Dimmer, Coffeemaker and Maker device. Add Smart-Cooker, Smart Coffeemaker, Smart Humidifier and Smart Heater.

Air Quality

Automatically get information of the air quality around your place and anywhere in the world at any time.

Hi-Fi Automation

Gain full control of your Hi-Fi System. Gain full control on volume, tracks, control multi room music, set alarms, set reports, automation routines, and more.

Forget About Stress, Live Longer

Having so many things to do in a day we consume energy thinking and acting on several things at the same time. Even at work sometimes our performance is lower than expected because of that reason. Our solution is promoting full control of your home and/or business through mobile devices so your life will become easier. Gain full control of your house and/or business with message notifications when forgetting things switched on to the currency. You save time, energy and the most important you avoid stress!

Ambient Weather

Get real-time information about the weather inside your house at any time.

Phone Calls

Display caller’s ID on your TV screen, set the light on active calls or even verifying area codes for the lighting function.

Alarm Control

Create custom alarm controllers and choose your alarm zones. You can temporary disable your alarm or set time and date schedules.

Smart Fan

Set Smart Fans to you home and gain full control of them. All you need is a Wi-Fi to connect your devices!